Does table booking eat all the time of your restaurant staff? Let’s automate this typical process to save time and energy. You may have heard in the past that table booking app can help you in better service quality. But it is not that simple. Using a table reservation application will be like an extra burden on the restaurant staff. Restaurants are already using different systems for staff management, POS, order management, etc. And what if they have to add more weight to the burden they are handling? But here is a solution for such a problem. The key is to have a digital system that can be used for all purposes. Digital solutions like Y The Waitcan help restaurants in this.

It Really Makes The Difference

A table booking app and an advanced digital solution both are different in terms of uses. Advanced digital solutions have table bookings as an inbuilt feature. But a table booking app can book tables only. This is the biggest thing that makes the difference.

Things A Complete Digital Solution Provides

A digital solution provides table booking features. But it doesn’t focus only on table booking. Digital solutions handle different things. Following are some significant tasks and functionalities performed by digital solutions at restaurants.

  • Operational management
  • Staff management
  • Stock management
  • Customer management
  • POS & Billing management
  • Customer management
  • Pre-bookings and table bookings
  • Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-in available

Now, these are some of the major tasks performed by a digital solution. However, there are many sub-tasks and much more in a digital solution.

Things That Traditional table booking app Can’t Provide

A table booking mobile application is developed to book tables only. It can’t do anything else, such as helping to ease out the operations or managing staff. So a traditional table reservation app can only book tables. But choosing a digital solution can help you achieve more than just table booking.

Y The Wait – The Best Ever Digital Solution For Restaurants

Y The Wait is the best digital solution to solve all the problems of restaurants. Table booking is also a part of this solution. Y The Wait helps restaurants in a way to give them an advantage on every end.

Purpose Of Y The Wait

Y The Wait is working to bring change to the world. A change in the way restaurants operate, a change in the way people dine-in and order food, and many other changes. To bring this change, Y The Wait is working on the following purposes.


New and advanced technologies are always required to bring revolution to any industry. Y The Wait is focusing on revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Restaurants becoming part of this revolution will grow in the future.

Make Restaurants Smart

One of the significant purposes of Y The Wait is to make restaurants smart. In this world of technology, it is not possible without using any advanced technology like artificial intelligence.

Customer Satisfaction

Marketing is essential these days, but what is more important than marketing is customer satisfaction. Without satisfying existing customers at restaurants, you can’t attract new customers.

What Is Y The Wait Apart From A Table Booking App?

As we said, Y The Wait has many exciting features apart from just table booking. Restaurants can evolve overall in various aspects. From customer satisfaction to smooth management, everything is achievable. Advanced technology and artificial intelligence empower Y The Wait and make it more than just a table booking app.

Easy To Manage Operations

No matter the workflow of a restaurant, operations can be easily managed with Y The Wait. Front-end operations such as table booking, order taking, and payments can be managed on automation.

Easy To Manage Stock

Stock inventory can be managed with the digital solution provided by Y The Wait. The best part is, you can see what customers order more at what time and keep your stock accordingly. There will be less food wastage with stock managed based on customer buying data.

Easy To Manage Staff

No matter how many workers are there, staff can be managed easily with a centralized panel. The same digital solution by Y The Wait can be used to manage the team. Assign tasks, track work timings, attendance, and all.

Easy To Manage Data

What data do restaurants have? Maybe, for now, many restaurants are not paying attention. But the future is to keep the data and use it for marketing purposes. On Y The Wait platform, restaurants can get insightful data related to customers. This data can be used for marketing purposes.

Why Should You Choose Y The Wait?

Plenty of reasons are there, from cost control to marketing and management. All these benefits can be availed with Y The Wait.

Control Costs

Whether a restaurant is high on operational costs or staffing costs, YTW can control them all. Costs can be controlled if a restaurant uses a method to do more with less. Having less staff and getting more customers served. YTW helps restaurants manage expenses.

Smooth Workflow

The workflow of a restaurant can be made smooth if there are no obstacles in operations. From staff to any other resources must be working efficiently. YTW helps you make your team more productive and efficient. Resources like a stock can also be tracked and managed with YTW.

Boosts Revenue

Cutting down expenses and attracting new customers will boost revenue without any doubt. Y The Wait helps in all these segments, and as a result, restaurants may get more sales.

Final Thought

A few years ago, table booking apps were in trend. Restaurants used them as an advanced tool. But now it is an outdated technology. Using a different POS and a different table booking app can make things more confusing. That is why you need to get a single solution for all the problems in the restaurant. Y The Wait is a complete digital solution having table booking as an essential feature. It helps boost revenue, manage resources, and cut down expenses.

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