Chandigarh is known as the most planned city. People travel to Chandigarh for relaxation. Folks explore hill stations & taste their buds to make their weekend unique. Being a central spot on the routes for people, Chandigarh is a favorite getaway for people. 

Bookmark this list if you’re planning a trip to the city or simply passing through any time soon! 

26 Boulevard

It is a nice cozy place with an excellent ambiance to hang out with friends or family. People can enjoy their time through dine-in service. Home delivery service also available by Y the Wait – online food ordering application. In the comfort of your home, you can relish the quick & quality service by Y the Wait. 

Katani Dhaba

Katani Dhaba is budget-friendly for large family dinners. Dhaba gives an exotic flavor of Punjabi food. From starters to dessert, all the things are available at the Katani Dhaba. Enjoy extraordinary home food delivery, dinein & takeout services by Y the Wait. The app is wise to make the customer’s experience better. 

Cafe JC

Enjoy great Indian & other world cuisines with digital tech. The interior decor & music make the fantastic vibe in the Cafe JC restaurant. You can check the food listing on the Y the Wait – online food ordering app and fill your hunger pangs with delicious food. Lip-smacking food will make your evening lovely with the smart era of technology. 

Royal Dhaba 

Royal Dhaba is one of the top restaurants located in Chandigarh. It serves various cuisines and dishes to customers. Dhaba gives online food ordering service by Y the Wait. Experience first-class home delivery, takeaway & dine-in services by a smart app.

Pal Dhaba 

One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Pal Dhaba, should be on every tourist’s bucket list. The eatery offers succulent chicken and mutton kebabs along with a butter chicken that never disappoints. Make sure to call for their rich and creamy lassi to complete your meal.

Chandigarh is known as India’s first planned city. The cosmopolitan city has transformed before our eyes; impeccably roads access to international fashion and of course food & drinks. A city has a lot to offer in terms of memorable meals. From the iconic Katani Dhaba to Cafe JC, roundup the best food spots to check out next time you’re in Chandigarh. 

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