In this blog, you’ll read about general recommendations on the Restaurant Management Software for the supply chain of supplies and delivery of the final product to the customer.

Receipt of supplies from suppliers:

When receiving the product from suppliers, you must guarantee that the delivery person complies with the appropriate basic recommendations: hand cleaning when entering, have a boundary of the entrance perimeter, and leave the supplies in a specific area that will be subject to disinfection.

General cleaning:

The recommended routine cleaning of all surfaces frequently touched in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs. Use the cleaning products generally used in these areas and follow the directions on the label. No additional disinfection is recommended beyond routine cleaning at this time.

Dishes preparation process:

It is recommended to supervise that the personnel who receive orders and prepare carry out the appropriate hand washing procedure and that preferably they do not attend clients to break the chain and thus isolate the service stages.

Payment, dispatch, and delivery process:

The most suitable option for home delivery is contactless delivery, leaving the door confirming the delivery, and thanking the customer.

Staff with minimal suspicions:

You should be sent home immediately until you are sure you are not sick.

Summing up the recommendations:

  • Washing products purchased at the supermarket.
  • Hand washing at the end of a product reception from suppliers.
  • Daily monitoring of the status of employees and their temperatures.
  • Completely separate the supply process from the production process, leaving spaces of 72 hours when receiving supplies and washing with plenty of soap and water when entering packaged products that allow it.
  • Use disposable Nitrile gloves for packaging and dispose of them safely in a separate garbage can for this type of waste.
  • Use packaging that guarantees that the end customer can wash it without compromising the product it contains and that they carry a sticker that seals the order and ensures the end customer that it was not manipulated on the move.
  • Social distance when delivering at home, leaving at the door, or when delivering to the premises by separating the care staff.