The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 550,000 people around the globe and the restaurant industry around the world is counting costs. The countries and territories have imposed travel restrictions and proposing people to follow social distancing. The coronavirus pandemic is an apocalypse for the restaurant industry all over the world. The anti-social effects of COVID-19 have ended the golden age of restauranteurs as fine dining has been considered as a form of urbanity and a measure of social status.

The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than With no dine-in service, the restaurants are switching to home delivery and contactless takeaway to stay alive despite incurring financial losses in the process. However, it’s time for the restaurants to undergo digital transformation to fight subsequent battles and work forward for the revival of the restaurant industry.

The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than This article is intended to provide restaurant owners and hospitality industry with a perspective on evolving the situation. You need to make some significant changes in restaurant management and seriously work on aspects such as revenue, sanitization as well as ensuring worker safety.

The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than We’ll discuss how opting for a digital waiter app can help you to survive in these uncertain conditions and work efficiently with less waiter staff as well. 

Work Load Eased with Digital Waiter

The coronavirus outbreak has infected more than The digital waiter lowers the workload of waiters, cooks, and chefs in the kitchen. Traditionally, the waiter used to take orders and inform the kitchen staff about the same. However, with the digital waiter, there is no need for the customer to wait for the waiter. Through this option, the restaurant owners will provide quality services to the customers, and more revenue can be generated. The servers will also be enlightened, serving the happy customers turning their dining experience into the best ones. 

Transform Food Requests with Digital Menu

Customers can place online orders with the digital menu. The interactive digital menu lets customers plan their meals in a hassle-free manner. Customers can place their orders even before reaching the restaurant. It turns better as there is no more need to rush while in a hurry and get the desired meals as per their wish. Since the correct orders will be sent to the kitchen directly and they can prepare meals in the best possible way. Ultimately, customers enjoy the overall excellent dining experience, and chances are higher they’ll come back frequently.

Avoid Use of Unhygienic High-Touch Surfaces

Hand-to-hand or hand-to-food contact is the primary source of contamination for most viruses and bacteria. The novel coronavirus and foodborne illness can spread in this way. Paper menu is one of the germiest places where germs are most likely to lurk; you can use digital waiter to protect your customers and employees. The card-swipe machines and kiosks are none the less when we talk about disease transmission. A digital waiter works as the best protection for the guests while dining at your restaurant. Customers can order food and make online payments directly from their smartphones. There is no need for the surfaces that may lead to germ transfer between humans.

Lastly, its time for the hospitality industry to empower their business through digital transformation amid situations like in the future as well.