No-show is a situation where the diners do not honour reservation at a restaurant. There might be a last-minute task or change of plans. They might completely forget that they have a table reservation for that day. Whatever may be the reason, no-shows are a major killer for a restaurant’s revenue. Thus, there is no escape but only smart solutions.

Some of the ways in which you can tackle no-shows are as follows.

Easy cancellations

Let your customers cancel their reservations. This way you will be saved from no-shows and assign the table to some other customer instead. If it is hard to cancel, customers generally prefer not to go at all without informing, which is worse.

Reservation window

Your customers should not be obliged to follow a very strict reservation timing. You can offer them a relaxation of 15-20 minutes in case they’re running late. This way they won’t have to cancel their plans at the last minute.

Reminder texts or emails

Some customers might end up forgetting about their table reservation. In the middle of the busy schedule, it is best if you remind them of the same via texts or emails. You can also make a phone call if you receive no confirmation.

Follow-up calls

When your customers don’t show up, you must make a follow-up call out of courtesy. Let them know that you missed them and would love the opportunity to host them again. You can also send them a survey link to learn why they could not make it.


It is a great strategy to ensure that you do not suffer losses if your reservation customers don’t show up. Usually, customers are prompted to visit the restaurant when they have paid some amount in advance for reservation. Even if they don’t, you’ll have a free table and a deposit.

You can also keep a track of your no-show customers and be more alert if they make a table reservation in the future. You should also avoid overbooking if you want to be sensible.

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