The players are ready, the fans are excited! What are your plans to escalate the excitement? Read on to know how can you multiply the IPL madness for your customers this year.

The clock for the Indian Premier League 2021 (IPL) is ticking. Though the venue and schedule are yet to be announced, IPL madness can be seen even now. Various industries have already prepared their marketing strategies for the IPL season. But what about the restaurant owners? What are your plans to support your players this year?

Here we have shared some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming cricket season and double up your profit and customers’ enthusiasm.

Profit- Generating Tips for Restaurant to Prepare for IPL 2021

Bringing that BIG screen to the restaurant is quite a trend now. Almost every other restaurant has made it a ritual during the cricket season to host screenings of the game. But this isn’t it! You’ll have to think out-of-the-box to keep a hold of your customers’ throughout the intense competition.

What’s that one thing that your customers’ expect the most. Of course, high-quality services. As such, you could do certain upgrades to your restaurant that could help upscale your service quality.

To begin with, get a restaurant menu application and reduce your workload to half without affecting your service quality. Instead of having paper-printed menus, you can have their digital versions, which could be accessed digitally over smartphones or tablets. Such apps are of great significance during the restaurant peak hours like the IPL. Restaurant menu application is a win-win for the restaurant as well as the customers; you don’t have to bother about your staff being occupied in taking orders and the customers no more have to wait for their turns to order.

Not every customer who wants to enjoy IPL matches would rush to your restaurant. Many would love to enjoy the matches from the comfort of their own space. But you can still contribute to enhancing their experience – by offering online delivery services. Serve them your celebratory dishes at the comfort of their home. To make their game even more excited, you can give some complimentary offers to your online delivery customers. Brainstorm ideas that you can use during the cricket season.

Another way to offer utmost comfort & convenience to your customers is by allowing them to make reservations even during the IPL season. It’s obvious to get a table during the match hours at the restaurant. As such, allowing your customers for an online table booking can be a great convenience for them.

Lastly, come up with exciting new offers and deals every day to entice your customers and make their dine-in and even delivery experiences fun, affordable, and memorable. This will drive more customers and help you build long-term relationships with them.

 The Takeaway

So, mark up your calendars and start collecting ideas about how can you make this IPL season happening for your customers.

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