In the current scenario, when everyone is adapting to the new normal, “contactless”, let’s see how a food ordering app can act as a safety measure for the customers and the restaurant staff. 

Just like every other country is affected by the deadly virus, Covid-19, the situation in the UAE ain’t completely under control yet. As such, the government is continuously persuading folks to comply with safety rules and regulations. Since UAE is a popular tourist fascination, the hospitality and tourism industries are to take the most precautions. 

Speaking of which, the restaurant industry is at the most risk. Customers visiting the restaurants, when coming in contact with the restaurant menu, staff or other customers have a greater chance of getting the infections. While social distancing and wearing masks may be significant, how can diners and restaurant staff keep themselves safe when they have so many things and people around. 

Well, contactless is the NEW NORM!!! 

While the UAE government has already given several regulations regarding “no contact”, industries are increasingly adapting to smart solutions to cater to their customers. And the restaurant industry is no behind.

Of the many tech-based solutions, a food order taking app can significantly aid any restaurant or hotel business during these challenging times. 

Without further ado, let’s see how. 

Significance of Having a Food Order Taking App For Restaurants in UAE

Here are ways a food order-taking app can safeguard people during the pandemic.

  • No-Touch Ordering

Having a food ordering app can help you increase the safety of your staff and your customers extensively. Such apps allow your diners to access your food menu on their smartphone and place an order. This is a 100% safe and contactless option for placing a food order. Both the diners and restaurant staff members can ensure their safety. 

  • Cashless, Contactless Payment

With an order-taking app, your restaurant staff need not hand over the physical bills to the customers. Instead, the customers can pay the bills while placing the food order from their smartphones. So, your staff doesn’t have to worry about taking the cash or card and sanitizing your hands again and again. Your customers can pay directly from their digital cards or payment gateways contactless and instantly. 

  • Personalized Food & Deals 

Now you can win the hearts of your customers even more by offering personalized food options to them. With such apps, you can give food suggestions to the customers based on their order history. So, you can offer a customized experience to your diners as per their likes and dislikes. 

Also, you can charm your customers with personalized deals and offers so that they keep coming back to you. 


Innovation is the need of the hour. And you can only thrive in the new normal if you can ensure the convenience and safety of your customers. Find a top-notch food order taking app and experience the transformation yourself.

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