Ever since restaurants have opened up again, the safety of the staff and customers has been a primary service that every venue aims to provide. Most of the people are already scared to dine-in. Not enough trustworthy COVID-19 prevention measures are the last impression you want them to have of your restaurant. So, a few steps in the right direction and investing in technology such as a dine-in app could go a long way in guaranteeing safety.

One of the best practices that you can adopt is scaling communication at your restaurant. When you limit the customer-staff interaction, the chances of getting infected with COVID-19 are greatly reduced.

Here are a few ways restaurants are implementing it and you can too.

Directional arrows

Restaurants are placing arrows and stickers for directing their customers towards the seats. With these, your staff can ensure social distancing and will not have to indulge in unnecessary communication as the instructions for seating will be clearly available to the customers. You can also place physical barriers along the way to avoid confusion.

Dine-in app

Such apps are the most important in the hospitality business today. They allow the customers to place their order directly without the involvement of the waiter, which is a very big asset for any restaurant in the middle of the pandemic. The order is directly forwarded to the kitchen and the waiter only comes into the frame when it is ready to be served.

Online payment

By accepting online payment at your restaurant, you take the security to another level. You and the customer will not have to exchange cards or cash at all. You also won’t have long lines of customers standing in front of your counter to pay for their meals. Everything can be done while they sit comfortably in their seats.

Digital menu

The Digital menu is very easy to understand and access for customers. They can browse and customize dishes or add cooking instructions while placing the order. No need to ask the waiter. All information that they need will be available to them. A digital menu is also usually in-built into a dine-in app.

These are some really easy and quick ways that other restaurants are using to scale communications and you can try as well.