Y the Wait is changing the way of working in the hospitality sector, but how? It is a change but are we talking about pre-order?

Increase in clients

The most notable benefit is that the traffic of your orders increases. Your benefits suffer a great increase, you double the orders with the clients that come to you from the food delivery applications. Guests enjoy food ordering with a digital waiter.

Savings in personnel and premises costs

By saving the cost of waiters and the cost of the premises, you can lower the prices of this type of food by attracting new audiences. In addition, you will not segment your audience by how your business is set.

Orders and reservations at a single click

Orders are handled alone, your business only intervenes when preparing it. Use YTW Business POS for better order management.

Greater feedback

In these applications they ask you upon receiving the order your opinion about it at the time it is delivered.

It is true that you increase your traffic but this often materializes in a lack of control, the production capacity of your kitchen is not enough and you end up saturating the capacity of your restaurant to order.