As the world begins to open again, restaurants are employing new techniques for their survival. Innovative technologies such as restaurant POS app, digital waiter, etc are being used almost everywhere. Safe and contactless services are the new normal and every the entire hospitality industry is doing its best to adopt it. The waiter-customer interactions are being limited. Payments are mostly being made online and much more.

If you are wondering how you can also prepare your restaurant for the new normal, here are a few basics that you need to know.

Make the most out of takeaway and delivery

While dine-ins have begun at most venues, people continue to prefer takeaway and home delivery. So, if our restaurant doesn’t offer it yet, you should start. Give the option for contactless services to your customers. This will create a sense of safety in their minds and they might consider dining as well.

Communicate with your customers using digital mediums

You are not allowed to interact much with your customers. But you can definitely do so online. Use social media or online ordering apps. Get feedback on customer satisfaction. Know if they would prefer you over other restaurants, Figure out if your safety precautions are satisfactory for them.

Update your menu according to the current demands

Make changes to your menu using your restaurant POS app. Since there is an obvious decline in customers, it is easy to know which dishes are selling the best. Get your raw material accordingly. This will help you manage your inventory without food wastage.

Train your staff for a more hygienic experience

There are lots of government-aided programmes that are giving special training for doing business post-COVID. Enrol your staff into one of those. They will get to know more about how they can stay healthy while serving their customers in the best possible way.

Devise new discounts and promotions

Attract more customers to your venue by offering them exclusive discounts. This will encourage them to dine out once in a while when the prices for their favourite dishes are undoubtedly the best.

With these simple tricks and some additional software such as restaurant POS app, your business can get adjusted to the new normal with the utmost ease.