Do you want to reduce the wrong orders, regain customer’s trust back for your restaurants? There is a solution that is possible through the online order taking app. Re-think your strategy and adopt the digital marketing strategy. Transform your dining experience with a home delivery order. With a modern restaurant system, you can handle customers, staff, all in one POS Software. You can send direct orders to your kitchen system, servers can send orders directly from the floor. Install the cool things in your restaurant to perform better. 

A restaurant ordering includes many features that allow users to accept the orders, over the phone or online. Depending upon the setup many people moving apart according to customer’s tastes and preferences. Ordering system streamlined as possible and linked through the point of sale system. Many food delivery apps are adopting seamless integration to sustain in the market. 


Now it’s time to decide which features are necessary for the food and beverage industry. Time to consider the online ordering system in your restaurant business. 

Install the most basic POS consists of a cloud-based POS on an iPad/touchscreen register. You might be surprised that from online menu management to email marketing all the functions performed by the application. 

Keep in mind that even if all of these features are available, you only have to use what’s relevant.

Kitchen Display System

Don’t raise kitchen ticket printing, a digital kitchen display system is better. This allows sending orders directly to the kitchen, check on cook times, and so much more. The result is accurate, reliable, and fast in the ordering process. 

Online and food ordering 

With phone orders, the operator manually records the key points, noting the type of order and other transactions in detail. A smart ordering system can help you to save the details of the customers. Online orders are sent into the queue with the rest of the orders. POS easily integrates with your restaurant website, or to the online ordering apps. 

Seat & Table Management

If you are using POS with seat and table management, you can easily assign the orders, split items, reassign them to different people. Also table reservations via an add-on for your business. 

Customer Relationship Management

A good restaurant keeps track of customers of what they order so that if they want to call “the usual”, you can plug it in without having to remember it. For example – sending mails about discounts, promotions, or events. 

Server & Customer Notifications

It is a handheld device that includes different types of notifications for both servers and customers. Customers can also receive texts letting them know their takeout orders or alerting them that their table is ready. It all depends upon your restaurant setup. 

All of the popular tablet POS system integrate with other apps. This gives you the potential to extend your system’s functionality ever-further with each new integration that comes out. These also should be the better tips for your online food delivery system. 

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