About a decade ago, the food delivery nearby was limited to choosing between pizza or General Tso’s chicken. Also, it wasn’t sure if the customers would receive orders on time or not. Currently, the order food online near me trend is evolving at a rapid pace. Now, the customers prefer to receive any food item at their doorsteps whether it is a steaming bowl of top ramen or tandoori chicken. The rise in third-party apps and technological advancement has changed everything.

In 2011, a Cornell survey of 372 U.S. restaurants portrayed that only 10% of delivery or takeaway orders were made through online modes. A sharp inclination in these figures has been noticed in just seven years. As per a report from Technomic, users ordered food items costing approximately $10.2 billion from delivery aggregators in 2018.

So, a simple but agreeable fact arises – which is better – in-house or third-party food delivery app. In this blog, we’ll try to come to a conclusion which mode of delivery is beneficial for your establishment.

In house delivery

Most of the restaurants have a belief instead of paying commissions why not start their own food delivery services. Yes, it’s true most people have this thought process. However, we would like to clear that this is not the right strategy. There are many drawbacks associated with serving order food online near me requests of customers using in-house delivery software.

First of all, you need to pay a hefty fee to the developer or a software company for building a delivery app. The second huge investment will be making your existing customers or potential customers aware about your mobile application i.e. marketing strategy. Thirdly, you need to employ delivery staff and pay them a salary. Yes, in the beginning it wouldn’t be sure you’ll get requests for the order food online near me or not. You would be compelled to pay the salary. That isn’t an overall loss for your establishment. So, it can be said as a headache and waste of money.

Third-party apps

You may be thinking – what’s special about these third-party food delivery apps. Partnering with any such app is a win-win situation for your restaurant. Yes, it is. You’ll be glad to know that paying a small commission comes with several benefits. Let’s discuss how.

First of all, there is no need to develop a system to serve food delivery nearby requests and pay huge fees to the software company. This type of investment can burn huge holes in your pockets.

Secondly, you’ll get a chance to save on the existing and future marketing initiatives. So, do you want to run additional advertisements when a third-party delivery company can do it for you, that too completely for FREE. These service providers make your restaurant visible to a huge and potential pool of customers. Moreover, if any customer likes your offering then the chances are high they will order again and again.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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