The restaurant businesses around the world have been hit hard due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak and mandatory self-isolation measures to be followed. During such times, ordering food online for home delivery still continued to be a much-preferred option for people. With the addition of the ‘contactless’ facility to it, people started considering it safe and did not hold back from enjoying the food from their favourite restaurants within the secure environment of their home.

But is order food online really a safe option?

You are being provided with the option to opt for contactless delivery with every online food order. The concept includes the delivery partner placing the food outside your doorstep and stepping aside. When contacted, you can step out and pick it up safely. This will ensure that you both do not have any direct contact with each other and can stay safe and virus-free. So, as far as now, delivery is being done quite safely.

But what if the food is infected?

COVID-19 spreads through coughs, sneezes, exhales and close contacts. So, it is very unlikely that your food is contaminated with it unless someone with the infection has indulged in virus-spreading activities near the food. It is 100% the matter of the restaurant ensuring highest protocols for safe and hygienic food preparation and no quality venue will ever compromise with it. So, the chances of your food being infected with the virus are very low.

Does this mean ordering food online is safe?

Though it is a very fragile topic to come to a conclusion this soon, if regular sanitisation, health checkups and precautions are followed, there is no fear in ordering your favourite food online for home delivery. Just because you are in quarantine or self-isolation does not mean that you have to stop enjoying the delicacies that make your life better. You can very much order food online and not be afraid of catching the virus.

What more can you do?

Though you do not necessarily need an extra protective coating, you always have the option of heating up your food to ease up your worries as nothing works better than heat in getting rid of germs. Also, there is no harm in enjoying some hot food.

Now that most of your doubts about home delivery during COVID-19 are over, order food online, relax and enjoy!