Now that summer is here, it’s time to boost your restaurant occupancy so that you could welcome more diners. So, what have you planned to attract more customers offline and through your restaurant booking app?


Read our blog to get some seasonal tips and stand out from the competition.

Here we go.

Offer a New Summer Menu with some Summer specials

Summer has always been the most promising time to attract a lot of new customers! It’s the time when tourists are on their trips to your city and locals are looking for ways to enjoy their summertime.

Hence, if you want to make the best of this time, what could be better than revamping your menu and offering summer specials with some hottest food trends! 

For instance, you could add colorful salads to offer freshness and flavors, appealing and tasteful sandwiches, vegetable and vegan hamburgers (but not the classic ones), surprising ice-creams, and summer cocktails.

The idea is to go out-of-the-box and try your creativity to the fullest. Give them healthy alternatives to the classic menu items in times of high heat.

Turn Your Restaurant Space into a Powerful Attraction

Apart from your menu and summer dishes, your restaurant space can play a vital role in offering your diners the best experience. You could optimize and revamp your restaurant terrace to make your customers’ feel more relaxed.

Colors, for example, are the best way to attract diners. So, play with appealing, warm or creative colors while synchronizing with your brand’s colors.

Also, you can use sustainable material to decorate your restaurant terrace and merge them with impermeable stuff. This will help you boost the attractiveness of your space while limiting your costs.

Get some greenery to your restaurant to make them feel in nature. You could use plants and vegetation to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. For instance, you may use plants to create separation between the tables or place them by the walls.

Shoot Offers To Increase Reservations on Your Restaurant Booking App

Having an online table reservation system is something that can boost your restaurant sales. And why not? It saves a lot of their time and hassle. But to increase your customer-base, you should offer your customers lucrative deals for making online bookings using your app.

This will not only help you retain your existing customers but will drive the new ones, as well.

Think about some amazing deals and offers that you can give to your customers. After all, who doesn’t like “FREE”?

The Final Say

Every season has its own colors, but with Summer comes many opportunities to grow your business. Hence, use these seasonal tips to get the attention of your potential customers while leveraging the power of your restaurant booking app.

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