Starting a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart. Even if you’ve put in all your money, the best of ideas, and effort to start your dream restaurant, the challenge is to run it successfully for years. And running a business successfully means promoting it for more exposure. While there are many ways to increase brand recognition, local marketing is something you must always focus on.

For instance, you may have incorporated a dine app to digitalize your menu, which may be a great way to catch the attention of your existing customers. However, if you fail to promote your dine app locally, people won’t get to know about your extra-ordinary services and you may miss out on a lot of your target customers.

See how can you strategize your local marketing campaign to increase diners at your restaurant. Check out 4 simple local marketing tips that can help you achieve your goals.

4 Local Marketing Tips To Follow

1. Go for Online Delivery

Nearly 57% of millennials agree that they opt for online food delivery so they can enjoy movies and TV shows at home. Also, nearly 59% of restaurant orders from Generation Y (millennials) are delivery or takeout. So, the demand for online delivery can’t be understated. Customers these days prefer restaurants that allow online delivery as they find it convenient and time-saving.

Hence, making your food accessible online is indeed a great marketing strategy in itself. When you offer what customers need, you tend to win their attention as well as trust.

So, if you haven’t yet gone for online food delivery, find a good third-party delivery app and let the world near you recognize your brand more.

2. Partner with Local Bloggers

Another way to advertise your restaurant to your local crowd is to work with local influencers and food bloggers. It is similar to providing blog or video content to local television. The local influencers and bloggers will use them for their food blogs on various channels.

You could make a deal with the influencers by offering them free coupons or discounts for free meals in exchange for your restaurant’s promotion on their channel. However, be cautious while choosing the right influencers or bloggers. Visit their channels and check their followers and page visits to ensure your goals are met.

3. Organize Mini Events Locally

Think a little out-of-the-box and exploit creativity. Do something that really catches the eyes of customers around you. How about hosting a local event? This allows you to entertain your customers while encouraging them to spread word-of-mouth.

Below are a few ideas you can choose from:

  • Make your weekend nights interesting for your diners by bringing in a band or an artist to perform according to space and your budget.
  • Host a mini food fair near your restaurant in open and present some of your exclusive menu items at a discounted amount. You can also give next-time visit coupons to those who visit the fair.

4. Use Social Media

Well, you may be already doing this by posting your restaurant images on your social handles like Instagram and Facebook. But simply posting images won’t get you the results you wish for. Besides sharing high-quality photos of your food and restaurant on social media, you should also consider:

  • Sharing user-generated content
  • Create and share recipe videos
  • Showcase the restaurant working process as behind the scenes
  • Run contests and giveaways regularly.
  • Promote your dine app

Make sure to use local hashtags to help your target audience find your content online. For example, using local hashtags like #chandigarhrestaurant, #chandigarhfoodies etc. will help your customers in Chandigarh and tri-city to find you online.

The Takeaway

If you want to have a leg up on your competitors, put effective local marketing strategies in place. In a fiercely competitive market, do everything possible you can do to showcase your Smart restaurant locally. Hope the above-given tips would make your efforts easy.

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