What is pre-order?

Pre-order is the process of ordering your food in advance. It can be done with the help of digital mediums such as a website or mobile application. While pre-ordering, customers can skip the queue and get their food directly ready to be served. They have the option of specifying the time when they want their food to be prepared.

Where can pre-order be used?

 Most of the restaurants are now getting used to including digital means into their daily work life. As a result, the facility to pre-order is now available for dine-in, takeaway and home deliveries as well. Especially due to the impact of COVID-19, pre-order has gained much popularity. Customers can order their meals as soon as they set out of their homes and have a seamless takeout without standing in a long line. They can pre-order food before reaching their home and have it delivered by the time they arrive. They can pre-order an entire meal before reaching a restaurant and get it served to them right on time.

How to pre-order?

 Pre-ordering your meal is quite easy. Just follow the following steps and your work will be done in no time.

  • Open the food ordering app or website
  • Select pre-order option
  • Browse the menu and choose your meal
  • Place your order
  • Set the time when you want it to be ready for dine-in, delivery or takeaway
  • Pay the bill
  • Check real-time status of your order
  • Enjoy your food exactly when you want it


Benefits of pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering is very time-saving and efficient for everyone. The staff has an exact idea of what and when to serve while the customers do not have to waste their time and energy on waiting for their food at the last moment. It is also quite safer as it saves everyone from unnecessary customer-customer and customer-staff interactions. The service automatically becomes more organized and efficient.

The best online food ordering app currently is the one which provides the option for pre-order. Make sure that you make the right choice and enjoy your meal every single day.

Happy eating!