There are plenty of points over which customers can complain about a restaurant. A lot of them are usually associated with reservations. When the customers call for making a reservation, there are a lot of errors that can be involved in the process. This issue can be tackled by using a table booking app.

The main benefit of such apps is that they let you maintain clear communications. You will have a record of everything as the overall booking process is computerized

Here are a few points you must consider to drop complaints in-advance:

  • Dress code

Suppose, a customer comes up wearing a dress that doesn’t comply with the dress code at your restaurant. You have two options in such a case – to return the case or to make an exception. But once an exception is made, other customers find it as a loophole in your services. You can avoid such situations if you communicate this in advance with your customers.

  • Table details

This is the most important thing to keep in mind while taking table reservations. Booking a table twice at the same time and date is a common issue. You can cut these errors with a table booking app.

  • Menu changes

Most of the venues have specific items that are served during certain hours of the day only. Or there are specific menus for specific days. The customer must be made aware of such things well in advance. You should keep these points in your mind so you do not receive any negative feedback about service.

  • Specific rules

In case, you’ve any specific rules at your restaurant, you should inform customers about it. Suppose your venue is pet friendly but the customer is allergic to animals. They have to know this before coming to your venue so that there is no last-minute error.

So, the secret to eliminating complaints at your restaurant is by using a table booking app.

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