The last decade was the era of rapid innovations. From the way we drive our cars to the way our homes operate, a lot has changed. In keeping up with this particular fashion, dining is getting smarter each day. Especially after COVID-19, there is a very unexpected shift and more venues are welcoming new technologies for smart dine in at restaurants. 

So, we have listed the 4 major restaurant technology trends that are ruling the industry at the moment. Take a look and see which ones you can relate to and would like to try at your place.

  • Waitlist management software

Out of the many front house technologies restaurants are incorporating, this is one of the most popular. It keeps up with the busy lives of the customers and helps them save time. Diners do not have to wait at the host stand for their names to be called. They will be provided with accurate timings and can leave the venue and arrive when they receive notifications that their table is ready.

  • Self-ordering and payment

Smart dine in at restaurants is incomplete without self-ordering and payment. It has become increasingly mainstream to order using smartphones. kiosks or tablets at restaurants. A lot of restaurants have partnered up with online ordering apps that have smart features to place an order, pay and split the bill, check the menu, etc.

  • Loyalty apps

The best way to keep customers coming back is by using loyalty and reward applications. Such apps offer points or rewards on purchases, which the customers can collect for availing a bigger discount such as a free meal. They also send notifications about special discounts to the selected loyal customers.

  • Technology for the wait

Not every customer at a restaurant is in a hurry to get his/her order and leave. Some would actually like to sit down and spend some time there. You can keep them engaged with charging booths, free guest wifi, games, etc.

These are the major trends for smart dine in at restaurants. Let us know if you found something that could benefit your restaurant in the long run.