Are you freaking out while managing your restaurant? Wondering how to handle daily restaurant operations smoothly? Yes, it is true that sometimes it’s hard to handle our restaurant problems. And to grow, you need to streamline your day-to-day operations and make them smooth so that it doesn’t affect your work and business. 

Restaurant owners cannot handle the back-end, front desk, and kitchen operations all the time. There should be sync in the restaurant to avoid errors. It is important to have efficient software that helps you manage the work efficiently. 

This is where restaurant management software comes into play!

A restaurant management software is a system that helps you streamline all operations and provide automation. This allows you to focus on the things that can aid in offering a superior experience to your customers. 

A restaurant pos system is point-of-sale software that processes the transactions that happen at a restaurant. Initially, traditional accounting software only accepted the orders and generated the receipts. However, the present-day POS Systems are more advanced because they can manage most of the restaurant operations such as table booking management, inventory management, analytics, billing system, order management. They also help in marketing by providing actionable insights and activities such as CRM, loyalty, and building an online presence. 

Let’s have a quick view of most of the essential features of Restaurant Pos software. 

How can a Restaurant Pos software help your business manage all the operations smoothly?

Menu Management 

Restaurateurs can fully customize the menu by adding drool-inducing images, descriptions, and ingredients, etc. to make the user experience rewarding in real-time.

Inventory Management

The inventory management module offers real-time tracking of inventory, which reduces or eliminates waste, theft, or inconsistency in stock levels. 

Cash flow Management

Track your restaurant’s cash flow with the help of detailed reports which cover sales, purchase, inventory, and profit and loss statements. 

Counter sales Management

The counter sales management module is designed to simplify restaurant operations by improving the communication between kitchen staff and front staff, which reduces errors and speeds up serving.

Table Management

Tables can be combined, split, reserved, or changed as per the customer’s request.

Shift Management 

The shift management module makes it easy to manage and keep track of the shifts assigned to your employees.


Control and monitor what gets billed and what not. 

Detail analytical report

Real-time tracking of your restaurant’s performance by analyzing the current, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales data categorized by different delivery modes ranging from dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery. 

Feedback Management

The feedback management module lets you make informed decisions based on your customer’s feedback.

Push Notifications

The push notification module keeps you updated with the day-to-day operations through SMS and email, which lets you make informed decisions. 

Loyalty program 

A built-in loyalty program helps to increase customer loyalty by presenting rewards to repeat customers. 

Item modifier 

Diners can customize an item with modifiers to meet their individual taste. 

Order status 

The order status module shows the present status of the order as opened, ready, served, billed, or closed.

Faster service

The real-time communication between your staff enables your staff to make informed decisions, which in turn increases the table turnaround time and reduces waiting time for customers.

Offline Mode 

Offline without having to be connected to the internet all the time. This avoids downtime if there is any kind of internet issue.

Bill Generation

The Bill generation module lets your customers and staff generate bills based on the permission assigned to them. 

24/7 Support 

Our support team is available whenever you need them. No call ever goes unanswered.


Incorporate a restaurant POS System into your restaurant and get ready for a sudden operational change with Y the Wait. Make your restaurant smarter and rule the realm. 

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