So, finally, you’ve decided to start your restaurant?

Do you know what customers see first when they visit your restaurant?


We can strongly argue that in the restaurant industry, the most crucial part of marketing is your restaurant menu. It is essential marketing material for your restaurant. If you design your menu in a certain way, it can be a trajectory to increase your sales in the restaurant.

Let’s discuss the things we should keep in mind before finalizing the menu are:

Keep it simple
Have you ever been to a restaurant where you get the 4 square menus full of dishes? Front & back items are filled like they will sell you everything in the kitchen. When this happens, customers get overwhelmed by the choices and end up ordering the same thing repeatedly.

These are the few loyal patrons to present the dishes on the menu – showcase your bestseller’s dishes on the top. And on the financial scale, you’ll find yourself not using and, within the end, wasting things which nobody saw on rock bottom third row of the fifth page.

Keep our menu clean; make it a killer machine.

Design! Design!
Do you know where being a minimalist doesn’t help? All the places where you have to make a sale. Writing down your meal courses on an easy or little to no design menu isn’t doing you any favors. As they say, “Pretty pictures sell.” Get a good designer who understands your USPs’ essence and get them to design a fabulous menu!

Reduce your menu size and design it better with the proper understanding.

Quirk it up
Adopt the pop culture in your restaurant. Make your restaurant dishes unique with the upcoming trend. You must have noticed framed quotes like “A pizza each day keeps the doctor away.” And on the menu, the names go like “Burn to hell pizza.” this is often what popular culture has gotten itself into, and being quirky together with your names and slogans has helped create better attention retention.

Seasonal menu
As our society, moving towards the trends, people are becoming more health-conscious. You design a concise menu with few items that are only available seasonally. Bring that seasonal punch to your menu and quirk it up with the names “Winter warmer menu” & “Chef’s summer coolers” Your customers will eagerly wait for it all!

Make digital menu
When you’re shifting from a standard menu to a digital menu, you ought to confine your mind to follow a design language. Viewneo allows you to pick a topic from the beginning to make an appealing design for your Digital Menu.

Have an order scanning menu
Customers can scan a simple Q.R. code, select items from the digital menu, finalize their order, and complete payment, all without human contact. In contrast, the order would directly land within the kitchen- all of this online food ordering.

I hope all these points are helpful to you. Who said strategizing menus is difficult? Remember these few things in your menu & go ahead. Now, if you follow our advice, your customer will go through the menu the same way as you read our article with enthusiasm.

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