Do not make safety an excuse, but leverage the opportunity to plan a special indoor date this love season. Don’t let that face masks get in the way of romantic kisses. Cram as many romantic ideas as possible, such as a lavish dine in, relaxing couple’s massage, etc., and get ready to enjoy the day. 

Ah! The love season is here and so is the second wave of Covid-19. While it’s true that love recognizes no barriers, you can’t overlook safety. After all, ensuring safety of your loved ones is also an expression of love. 

So, go for celebrating the love day with utmost enthusiasm and affection, but don’t forget to keep safe. 


Read on the blog to get some Covid-19 safe date ideas that you can enjoy with your partner, friends or fam at home. 

Keep your jotters ready!

5 Ideal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pandemic

  1. Exchange Love Messages as a Special Morning Ritual

It may seem a little clichéd, but nothing can express your love as words do. Start your day with exchanging love message. You may write your message on a small piece of colored sheet or a card. Let them know what they mean to you and how much gratified you are to have them with you. 

A few lovey-dovey romantic words will set the perfect mood to kick-start the love day!

Single? Write an idealistic affirmation to yourself! You deserve it. 

  1. Team up to decorate the space

While you may be overwhelmed with the endearment and zest, decorating your space to match your feelings can add to the celebratory vibes. Make your room by decking it out with your favorite artificial flowers (don’t hurt the real ones;let them bloom), rice lights, and heart-shaped items like balloons. Look for more interesting ideas on the internet to whip up some romance. 

  1. Bring home a swanky dine in restaurant

So what if you don’t feel like stepping out for a luxury dinner date! You could organize it at home. One way could be to spend some quality time cooking your favorite food together. 

But if you don’t have those chef-like cooking skills, no shame! 

Pick your favorite dine in restaurant and order meals as per your liking. Simply install a online food order app to and place your order. You could also opt for “takeaway” – Order your preferred food using a digital waiter app to experience contactless, quick service. An amazing excuse to enjoy a short drive in fresh air! 

 What more? 

Those dirty dishes in the sink won’t dampen your spirits!

  1. Experience some nostalgia with a movie marathon

Take a chill approach this Valentine’s. If you are not willing to involve in a ton of activities, how about an all-day movie marathon? Include the best romantic comedies of all time and lots of snacks. Have some fun time together!

  1. Treat Each Other with Relaxing Massages

Instead of enjoying professional rubdowns (these are awesome, but pricey), how about giving each other massages at home? Not only you’ll feel relaxed and energetic, but a warm, pampering session can ignite freshness and intimacy within. To make it more sensuous and appealing, light up some candles, play some soft music and open a bottle of wine, may be. 

Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s date night!!

The Final Say

You may be busy with planning for the impending special day. Hope the ideas suggested in the blog reduce your efforts. Whatever you plan to do, put your safety at the forefront and do not miss even a single chance to show the people around you that you love them. 

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