There is a massive increase in the food and beverage industry in the last few months. Customers avoid standing in the queue as much as possible, mobile apps are needed for every business model. Digital marketing becomes a sound investment across the globe. The food delivery sector has emerged as a prolific industry due to growing customer demand for various cuisines. The online food delivery system is to attract new customers, retain existing ones, grow a business, and drive revenue. Also, the precise information of customer location, contact information, payment info, unlocked discount offers, order placing, order status to estimated delivery time — everything is displayed which creates transparency for the brand.

Memorize the few points to sustain in the market with an online restaurant order taking app

Customers App:

  • Registration- Customers need to register with the application for offers. 
  • Select Restaurant type according to affections – Customers can choose restaurants with various segments of cuisine, timings, locations, and more.
  • User Order Tracking- Real-time tracking will allow the customer to track the order details of their meal. 
  • List Categories- Customers can select from categories of restaurants based on ratings and many more. 
  • Multiple Payment Options- Customers can pay in any mode with the help of social distancing protocols. 
  • Re-order- The order history feature makes re-ordering easy and speedy for customers.
  • Schedule Delivery- Customers can choose delivery times at their convenience.
  • Takeaway Option- Customers have the opportunity to order and pay online and choose the offline takeaway option.
  • Discounts and Offers- Customers get to know and make most deals meant for returning or first-time buyers.
  • Manage Profile- Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, notification settings for an enhanced experience.
  • Reviews and feedback-Customers can share experiences based on service, quality, pricing, and other factors in the form of ratings.
  • Help & support- The app allows you to provide round-the-clock support to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Restaurant app

  • Login registration –Access the application to improve the further details according to customer’s likes and dislikes. 
  • Manage orders – For better decision-making, all the data displayed on the screen. 
  • Manage menu – Have restaurants view and manage all orders: in-coming, under-process, scheduled, or dispatched.
  • Order alerts – The restaurant receives a real-time notification to start the preparation.
  • Promos –Let restaurant offers deals and promotions to their customers or announce the food fests.
  • Reply to customers – Let the restaurant communicate with customers directly. 
  • Customer details – Help restaurants to know their customers better by providing relevant customer information.
  • Help & Support – Resolve the customer’s issues for a better experience. 

People are striving hard to develop online food delivery apps. These strategies will help to retain the customer’s trust back. We hope that you take note of these common issues with online orderings and fix the issues before they get out of hand. Make sure your staff is ready to tackle tricky situations. Climb the ladder of success in today’s highly competitive market. 

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