Educational institutions are brilliant these days, equipped with the most innovative technologies. But what about the canteens that they have? Are they smart enough? Very few smart schools or colleges have smart canteens. It seems complicated and expensive to turn a regular canteen into a smart one? No, it is not that expensive. Without upgrading the infrastructure and investing in new resources, just a single web based POS system can turn canteens smart. Believe us or not, but it is as easy as buying a membership for your favorite OTT platform for binge-watching. 

If you are a school/college owner, administrator, or anyone related to the school/college administration, this post is just for you. Here we will let you know how a web based POS system can turn canteens of educational institutions smart. 

Classes To Canteens, Everything Turning Smart

Classes are smart and help students learn faster. And canteens? Why are they not that smart and fast? They can be smart also when you have the right POS system or a complete digital solution installed for your canteen. Following are some features that will make your canteen smart enough to serve quickly and efficiently. 

No Queues For Food Orders

Long queues at canteens in every lunch break? We are in the 21st century, and still, canteens are packed with long queues? Even the old banks and offices are getting digital these days. Canteens can be turned into a digital food outlet with a digital food outlet management system.

Take & Process Orders Quickly

With a food management system, canteens can quickly take and process orders. It saves time for the consumer as well as the service provider. 


Automating and digitizing all the operations at an educational institution’s canteen will make it cost-effective. This is a fantastic thing because these canteens are not built from the business perspective. 

Things A Smart POS Can Do For Canteens

An innovative web based POS system can do plenty of things for canteens and consumers. Whether it is a school canteen, college canteen, or a pantry in any other educational institution, it can avail the same benefits. 

Automate The Operations

Artificial intelligence-based POS systems can help educational institutions to run their canteens on automation. It saves a considerable amount of money, time, and other resources. 

Inventory & Kitchen Management

Inventory and kitchen management is one of the messy tasks that canteens have to do. A food outlet management system can digitally manage these tasks efficiently. 

Staff Managed Easily

Managing staff is not that easy in any team. But now manage your canteen staff in a way to get high productivity. The best POS always has the workforce management feature. 

Keep Digital Record Of Everything

Are you still keeping records physically? In this digital world, you have many options to keep a digital record of your canteens. But it will be best if you get the data stored in digital form in the same web based POS that you are using. 

Wrapping Up! 

Educational institutions need an upgrade for their canteens. It is not for profit, but convenience and advancement. Any institution that always tries to stay ahead of its competitors can get an edge over competitors with the best web based POS.

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