Table reservation apps are getting popular nowadays. Almost every restaurant is providing the option for online table reservation. The customers can confirm the booking without calling the restaurant again and again. They also do not have to wait in line for getting a table. It is easier for them to know about your restaurant and menu by looking it up online.

 Here are essential features of table reservation app mentioned below:

 Accurate navigation

The table reservation app must provide a precise location of the restaurant. It should also give a clear idea of the table placement to all the customers. It will help them make the right choice and avoid confusions later on.

Online payment

A restaurant table reservation app must provide the option for secure online payment. It will allow them to pay in advance and keep details of their payment.

Feedback section

 Your table reservation app must always have a separate section for customer feedback. It will improve your services and increase the rate of customer satisfaction.

 Attractive homepage

 Presentation plays an essential part in the hospitality industry. So, make sure that your restaurant table reservation app contains a custom-designed homepage. It should look attractive at first glance.

 Reward program

There are lots of options available in the market for dining. To compete with them, you can offer various reward programs to your customers. It will assist you in bringing more customers to your restaurant.

Also, your restaurant table reservation app must have the options for easy signup. You can also add premium-level features like private dining. You can send push notifications for promotional discounts and other offers.

Table reservation apps let you have the best occupancy at your restaurant. This way, your staff can also serve well. So, make sure to choose a good one for your restaurant by taking help from the points mentioned above.