With so many options in the market out there these days, it’s hard to determine which is the right POS System for your restaurant. But here we have certain factors which will help you make the right decision.

Features an Ideal POS System for a Restaurant Must Have

1. Order Management

Your POS System should be able to process all your orders easily. It should cover all types of orders, including dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery.

2. Billing

It is the most common yet most important feature of any POS system. Your POS should be loaded with different billing options such as add items, apply taxes, and discounts. It should allow multiple payment options, including cash, credit card or debit card, etc. Remember, proper billing is the key to customer satisfaction and restaurant operations. So make sure the POS system you go for has the right billing mechanism.

3. Employee Management

Having an employee management module in your POS system will help you manage your staff better. With a POS, you can manage your employees’ attendance, salary, and printing payslips.

4. Stock & Inventory Management

This aspect of your restaurant business is crucial for you to continue serving your menu items. A POS system that enables you to keep a record of your stock and inventory in real-time is something that you should look for. Moreover, it should also be able to send low stock alerts so that adverse situations could be avoided. With real-time stock management, you can prevent wastage and even internal thefts.

5. Table Management

A good POS system should help you in managing your table operations effortlessly such as table booking, updating table status, etc.

6. Menu Management

A POS system you choose must allow you to create and manage multiple menus, item types, menu groups, and subgroups, item modifiers, prices, and more. In short, a POS system that enables you to configure your restaurant menu can be considered great.

7. Support

You must get 24*7 live support from your POS service providers with a dedicated accounts manager.

8. Reports

Being able to generate reports is the greatest need for performance tracking and taking managerial decisions. Hence, the better reporting your POS system offers, the more you will be able to optimize your revenues.

Additional Features Your POS system can have

Loyalty Program

Offering customers with loyalty programs and gift cards help build long-term relations with them. So make sure your POS System must have a loyalty module or third-party support to help you retain your customers.

Mobile App

It’s not always possible for you to be present in your restaurant. But you cannot avoid keeping an eye on what’s happening around in your restaurant. So, look for a POS system that can be accessed on your smartphones for regular updates even on the go.

The Takeaway

Don’t get trapped by the number of options available and lucrative pricing or deals they offer. Be smart enough to determine what POS System can take your restaurant to new heights. The guide is already there.

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