Let’s discuss! Keeping customers happy is an essential hospitality service in the restaurant industry. Delivering excellent customer service will give a great impact on your restaurants. However, customer service is an equal part of communication and genuine attention to the diners. When you treat them with care and respect while providing an excellent meal, they will come back to your restaurant again and again. 

Let’s do everything from start. To give your customers the box experience in your restaurant you must incorporate digital technology. Incorporating technology will, of course, depend on your restaurant type, but some form of technology can be worked into many restaurant business models.

Online ordering 

The ability to instantly order from your online menu provides easy access for your customers. It allows them to conveniently browse and then order food online from your menu. Oftentimes they’ll spend more money ordering online as they’ll be tempted to try more. You can use prominent calls to action to encourage a larger order.

Free wifi 

If you offer your customer free wifi in the restaurant they will definitely come back to your restaurant repeatedly. Technology always attracts customers and if your restaurant offers them free wifi, they will be the happiest customer. 

Games at the table

Parents of young children are often exhausted after a long day at work. Give the parents a break while occupying their children. Consider handheld gaming devices at the table, a TV/media room for kids (and the old stand-by – coloring books).

Also, here are the few measures that your restaurant must ensure when your customers arrive in the restaurant:

Temperature check at the restaurant

Perform a temperature check of your customers as soon as they arrive at your restaurant. Don’t allow anyone with risky temperatures to enter your premises. 

Collect customer details

You will need to keep a note of customer information – where are they coming from, name, phone number, address, and everything relevant against their temperatures. 

Share a digital menu with customers

To avoid the physical touchpoint of the traditional menu, get a digital one for your eatery. Send the menu through SMS or email in QR Code or a link. 

A contactless experience is something that your customers are looking for. Y the Wait is a one-stop solution that will help your restaurant to deliver an impactful dining & takeaway experience to them. Do you have a solution for a restaurant? If not we would love to hear from you. Register with us now!

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