Yes, collecting customer feedback is highly essential for a dine-in restaurant. There are numerous reviews on and surveys say getting positive reviews from clients is quite difficult. First of all, let’s understand what it is…

What is customer feedback?

It is the information provided by the patron about the experience at any dine-in restaurant. The main purpose behind recording responses is to reveal the level of diner satisfaction, success or check if there is any room for improvement.

What are the best ways to collect customer feedback?

  • Face to Face
  • Offline Form
  • Mobile System
  • Social Media
  • Online Surveys
  • Email contact forms
  • Exploratory interviews
  • Instant response from your website

How can you improve your customer strategy?

Make it timely: Train your server staff to request diners to record their experience at the time they are leaving your dine-in restaurant. Make sure to ask for reviews from the patrons only who are happy with your services. Therefore, the chances are high they will leave a positive review.

Make it easy: Ensure your staff doesn’t force your clients to leave a review. It should be done on the terms of the clients. You should ask them once and try to explain why leaving a positive review is essential for the restaurant. If they are unwilling to give on that visit, then you can on the next time.

Make it smart: It’s always good to be smart. You can use a smart dine in app to take reviews from the diners. Such apps will give an extra advantage that other diners looking for a place to have a meal can see the review of your clients and plan to dine out at your restaurant.

Wrapping it up

We understand that handling rude guests is not as easy as drinking water. You must train your restaurant staff to create a great guest experience. Try to place in a great strategy to receive and manage reviews that are useful to build a good brand reputation for your restaurant. We hope you have understood the importance of taking feedback and you’ll definitely implement such a strategy to get closer to your guests.

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