One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while purchasing a new POS for your restaurant is buying a retail POS instead of a restaurant POS. POS is the heart and soul of the hospitality business. It is much more than simply a table booking app. It completely controls all the operations at your venue and makes your work much easier, but not if it isn’t designed for restaurants. Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake to make as most of the features and built up of a restaurant and retail POS are similar. But a lot of restaurateurs stick to what they’ve bought in place of making the much-needed exchange.

Here are some of the reasons your restaurant specifically needs a restaurant POS, not a retail POS.

Built for you

A restaurant POS is created by people with extensive experience in the hospitality industry and it is created by keeping those needs in mind. Thus, all the energy is put into providing a solution for today’s restaurateurs. Issues like bill splitting, table management, etc are included instead of being custom requirements.

Features specific to your industry

Your restaurant POS will work as your table booking app, order taking app and include features like menu management, staff management, inventory management, floor plan management, etc. A retail POS lacks most of these important features because these demands don’t apply to it.

Specialized reporting

A restaurant-specific analysis is important for your business. This feature is provided by restaurant POS only. You can always access how your particular dishes are doing and what your customer’s likes and dislikes are. Such detailed data based on variables are available only on restaurant POS software.

Better customer support

If you chose a retail POS over a restaurant POS, of course, the customer service will vary. The restaurant POS customer service staff has specialized knowledge of the kinds of problems that restaurateurs encounter. So, customer service will also be more suited to your needs.

So, get yourself a restaurant POS which covers the all-around industry needs such as table booking app, digital menu, online ordering, etc.